You are four and a half months now but I feel like it was just yesterday you were kicking up a storm in my belly

There’s nothing you love more than walks in your carrier and smiling at anyone and everyone who glances your way

I dare anyone you smile at, not to smile backYou’re not very good at the whole sleeping thing

Your laugh melts my heart, and occasionally makes me forget about the whole sleeping thing

Your face lights up at the sound of your sister’s voice

You’re very tolerant of all her hugs and kisses

I rarely see your toes uncurledYou like to nap… in my arms, your car seat or stroller, but NEVER in your crib

You love to roll onto your belly but aren’t very happy once you get there

Your meltdowns are intense

You seem amazed by your handsThose lips… those dimples…Road trips are not your thing

Five hour flights on the other hand, suit you just fine

You love to grab the elephant hanging over your play mat, all other animals may as well be invisible

Your sister sings the ABC’s to get you to stop crying- it works… most of the time

You hold my hand tightly to your face and you stare intensely into my eyes when I lay you down to sleep, it breaks my heart to say goodnight

Lucky for me, you are super photogenic and don’t mind a camera in your face on pretty much a daily basis

I hope one day you will be as blessed as I am to have such wonderful children